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08 February 2022
If your doctor hasn’t already talked to you about an HME, make sure to ask them for information.  
Going through a total laryngectomy
08 February 2022
My name is Alan Spinks and I wrote this with the hope that it will help other people who are about to have or have had a total laryngectomy.   
Alan, head and neck nurse, laryngectomized
08 February 2022
I had my laryngectomy exactly 8 years ago.
Speaking after a total laryngectomy
08 February 2022
Speaking after a total laryngectomy. 
When do I change my HME
08 February 2022

At this stage, you may have had an introduction of how to use an…

How do I speak after a total laryngectomy
08 February 2022

We produce our voice through vibration. As air is passed through…