Privacy Policy

This Policy explains how Atos Medical AB, co. reg. no. 556268-7607, processes your personal data on, and what we do to protect your data and respect your right to privacy in the best possible way. We get your personal information through communications and interactions with you, from healthcare professionals and healthcare organizations, employees, and from other sources.

Data accountability

We continuously assess whether your rights risk being impacted negatively by our data processing activities. We pay particular attention to the risk of discrimination, identity theft or fraud, financial loss, damage to reputation, or to the confidentiality of your data. When we need to process your sensitive personal data, we always carry out a thorough data protection impact assessment to uncover high risks for your rights and freedoms. We conduct the impact assessment prior to processing your personal data.

Contact information

Atos Medical AB serves as the data controller and complies with legal regulations on personal data protection. If you need information about the data processing in Atos Medical you are welcome to contact us:

Address: Atos Medical AB, att.: Data Protection Officer,
Hyllie Boulevard 17,
215 32 Malmö,
Phone number: +46 (0) 415-198 00

Find your local DPO on Atos Medical’s external website:

Fair and transparent processing of personal data

We inform you about the processing of your data and the purposes of the processing at the time you provide the data to us. If data comes from third parties, including suppliers, public authorities, healthcare professionals, or business partners, we will inform you within 10 days after receiving your personal data. We will also inform you about the purpose of the processing for which the data is collected, as well as the legal basis for collecting your data.

Data types

  • Contact information, e.g. name, phone number, email address, and postal code
  • Contact information of caregivers, relatives or legal guardians who represents you
  • Preferred language
  • Sensitive health related information.


  • Provide you with information about Laryngectomy
  • Send personalized information related to your needs
  • Create awareness about Laryngectomy
  • Adapt our communications with you
  • Administrate your relation to us
  • Maintain and develop the website

Relevant and necessary personal data

We only process data that are relevant, adequate and necessary to fulfill the specific purposes defined above, Prior to processing your personal data, we assess whether we can limit the amount of data collected and whether certain types of data can be anonymized or pseudonymized.

Updating personal data

Our services depend upon the accuracy of your data. We aim at updating information we have registered about you but if you have changes to registered data, please inform us about it by using the contact information above or contact your local Atos Medical representative.

Storage and deletion of personal data

We comply with legislation setting up minimum or maximum requirements to storage of data. Where statutory requirements do not apply, we delete your personal data when it is no longer necessary for the purposes, for which we originally collected, processed and stored your data. We thus delete all data about you 10 years after your last engagement with us.

Informed consent or other legal grounds

We obtain your informed consent prior to processing personal data for the purposes described above or inform you about the legal basis for, and our legitimate interest in, processing your data.

Consent is voluntary, and you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. To receive further information, or to withdraw your consent, please use the above-mentioned contact information or contact your local Atos Medical representative. If we wish to process your data for a purpose other than the one for which data was obtained, we will provide you with information on the new purpose and ask for your consent prior to any further processing. When our products or services demand the processing of personal data of a child, we will request informed consent from the child’s parents or legal guardian. We will make an effort to verify that a parent with custody of the child gave consent.

The processing of your data for specific purposes may have been determined by law. In that case legislation serves as the legal basis for processing your data. The type and amount of processed personal data may also be necessary to fulfill a contract or another legal obligation. In other situations our legitimate business interest in processing your data serves as the legal basis for our processing activities.

If the legal basis for processing changes, we will inform you.

Sharing your personal data with third parties

We will only share your personal data with third parties for marketing purposes, if we have your consent and have provided you with information on the planned use of your data. You may, at any time, object to this type of data sharing. We will not ask for your consent if we have a legal obligation to disclose your personal data, for example to public authorities.

Transfer of your personal data to third countries

Atos Medical provides products and services to customers in many countries across the world. As part of our digitized communication within the Atos Medical Group, with our suppliers and business partners, your personal data are transferred to third countries, including countries outside the EU. When transferring data to partners in third countries outside the EU, we will ensure an adequate level of data protection with the recipients in line with the standards of this policy and in compliance with legal regulation. We require our business partners to set up safeguards concerning data processing, data security and the responsibility to respect your rights.