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Medicine list
10 April 2023

Your doctor and medical team would like to know about your past m…

Friends and family
09 April 2023
After a loved one is diagnosed with laryngeal cancer there are many questions and emotions that can go through your mind. On this page you will find answers to many of those questions and how to get support during this trying time. 
Speaking after a total laryngectomy
08 April 2023
Speaking after a total laryngectomy. 
When do I change my HME
12 March 2023

At this stage, you may have had an introduction of how to use an…

How do I speak after a total laryngectomy
10 March 2023

We produce our voice through vibration. As air is passed through…

Laryngectomy Glossary
08 March 2023

Aspiration – means you’re breathing foreign objects, such as food…